Fall new line is here ..

Wow, I guess I took a little summer break from blogging .. Hope everyone has been busy and had a great summer .. my kids head back to school on Wednesday and can’t believe the summer is already here and gone .. of course the heat isn’t and it will keep getting hotter here , but at least the kids have something to do now and won’t be bored any longer 😉 

anyways, on to other news .. the new FALL line is up in Jewelry .. the new fall bags are still in process so they will be another week or so but all the jewelry is now on the website

there is so many new things in all the categories including earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces !! 
all new sayings all new dangles and lots and lots of glitter .. 
this is what i am feeling alot of lately .. grateful hearted .. as always thanks so much to all of you for letting me continue to do what i love .. I am glad i can bring little bits of joy and happiness into many SHE’S lives around the world !! …


well i will try to blog more often now that school is back in session .. but you can always find me here on facebook and here on pinterest

2 thoughts on “Fall new line is here ..

  1. So good to meet you at Art Unraveled. Your Creations are sublime! Will be Sharing a Post of the Event here in the Land of Blog and linking to your site.

    Blessings… Dawn… The Bohemian


  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the “key to her happiness necklace” LOVE!
    I am wearing my one and only Beth Quinn necklace as I type this, and I have to tell you I get complimnets on it EVERY time I wear it!


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